by Steven M. Seltzer, TLC Inventor

Air Water and LCD Screens—Essentials of Dentistry
It’s finally happening in dentistry.  LCD screens are taking over the world everywhere--grocery store isles, dashboards, and now the operatory.  In fact, the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display, or flat panel screen) in the operatory is becoming as essential as air and water.  The list of applications is seemingly endless--digital X-rays, restoration design, implant design, charts, photos, patient education, case presentation, cosmetic simulation, scheduling, caries detection, magnification, entertainment, distraction, and the next yet-to-be discovered technology breakthrough, all express themselves visually via the LCD.  This article will show you how to cost-effectively integrate LCD enabled technologies into your practice that pay for themselves and provide immediate benefit to you and your patients.  (For the complete article)

Clone and Organize Your Practice with High Tech(nique)
Ask a group of doctors what the number one problem in dentistry is today and they answer with one simple noun, “staff”.  Ask them to elaborate and they convert the noun to an adjective and answer with simple two word combinations, “staff turnover, staff shortage, staff training, staff motivation, or staff management”.  The bottom line is, “how do you create, develop and maintain a skilled workforce even through periods of staff transition?”  Despite dramatic improvements in dental materials and technologies, there have only been minor improvements in the way people learn and work in the dental practice. (For the complete article)

Maximizing Your Return on High-tech Investments
Those doctors who educate themselves about the best way to buy and implement technology achieve better results.  Their productivity, income and satisfaction are higher.  Their storage closet for mistakes is surprisingly bare, rather than being laden with failures.

I’d like to present a new decision model that reduces failures and virtually guarantees higher performance of technology in the dental office.  Doctors who incorporate this decision process will see their practice income and productivity skyrocket. (For the complete article)



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