Clinical Benefits - Better Results with Less Stress

Practice Better Dentistry        

Patients Cooperate
In the TLC ZONE, patients are relaxed, entertained, distracted, and well behaved.  This allows TLC dentists to practice “in the zone,” doing better clinical dentistry with less stress, and keeping on schedule.  Patients viewing the ideally positioned high definition screen are mesmerized and lie perfectly still.  Their anxiety melts away and your stress is alleviated because patients are comfortable and content during procedures.

“I was one of the first dentists in the country to buy a TLC.  After five years using the system, what I still like best about it is that patients watching the TLC screen lie perfectly still, completely oblivious to the treatment.  It makes it so easy for me to work on them.”  

Kids Zone Out So You Can Zone In
TLC dentists enjoy treating kids because they are totally relaxed and cooperative in the TLC ZONE.  There is no bright hot light to wiggle away from and nobody minds when patients laugh during procedures. 

Difficult kids no longer have to be referred to a specialist because the TLC ZONE keeps them distracted and entertained.  They become so easy to treat that TLC dentists can finish and finally charge for procedures on patients who previously would not cooperate long enough to complete the work.  An added TLC benefit is that parents stop stressing out the team and are on their best behavior.

Most TLC dentists also report using significantly less anesthetic with children.  As soon as the entertainment starts, kids become instantly quiet and still, as if sedated, oblivious to what you’re doing. 

  “It’s like magic.  Instead of staring at the ceiling and fidgeting for an hour, kids lie totally still and distracted.”  Said one TLC dentist, “Kids are so compliant they’re like vegetables with mouths.”   

Assistants are Focused
In some offices where the patient’s screen is malpositioned during treatment, the assistant watches the screen instead of the dentistry.  This includes screens that are too far away from the patient or are not completely horizontal.  Because assistants cannot see the ideally positioned TLC screen, they stay focused on the dentistry, allowing you to work more efficiently, without stress.


Ideal Monitor Placement

Over-the-Patient Delivery System
The TLC completely solves the problem of screen placement in the operatory so you never have to move it from its ideal location for viewing – above the patient and centered between their eyes. 

Think for a moment about your own viewing habits for home entertainment.  You find the best position in the room for the screen, and it stays there.  The same holds true for your computer screen.  There is only one correct position.

In the dental operatory, the perfect viewing distance and horizontal angling of the TLC screen allows supine patients to relax and watch entertainment without heat and glare in their face from the operating light.  Their heads don’t drift towards a malpositioned screen. They lie perfectly still, head and chin in position, for the duration of the appointment.


Superior Operating Light

Two Operating Lights in One
The TLC system’s advanced twin operating lights can be independently focused to light the mouth and simultaneously provide task lighting outside the mouth for adjustments.  No more stopping to re-position the light while you work. 

“The TLC has the best operating light I have ever used.  The lights are bright, focused, and heat and glare free.  The patient WOW factor of the TLC is unbelievable.”  

20% Brighter than Conventional Lights

  "I love the quality of the light which creates a nice bright field.  I can see so much better in the mouth than I could before”

“The TLC lights are much brighter than the A-dec lights we replaced.  Definitely one of the best investments we have ever made”


Heat and Glare Free Lights Increase Patient Comfort
Conventional operatory lights produce glare that increase anxiety, heighten patient discomfort and obstruct the field of view for patients trying to view a screen.  Why would anyone want to watch TV with a bright hot spotlight shining two feet away from their eyes?

“In my opinion, the TLC offers the best dental light available today.”

“One of the things I like best about using the TLC is the confined light source which I can position to shine just right on the patient’s mouth without creating any glare in their eyes."


‘No Cure’ Amber Filter Mode Eliminates Premature Setup

Simply flip a switch to change to the amber ‘no-cure’ mode for intense illumination while bonding.  No need to rush your work or create unnecessary stress.  Conventional operating lights don’t have this unique and convenient feature which quickly becomes indispensable to your clinical practice.

Adjust Lights Less Often
Because the TLC has two independently adjustable lights, one high intensity beam can be focused on the patient’s mouth and one on your hands.  Patients watching movies on the overhead TLC monitor don’t move their heads so once you focus the light on the mouth, you don’t have to keep moving around to re-position the patient or the light.  On average, TLC dentists adjust their operatory lights 20 – 40% less often.

  "From day one I’ve loved the light from the TLC, especially having two beams that I can position separately.  Before, when we would do bridge adjustments outside the mouth, my assistant would always be moving the light back and forth from the patient’s mouth to my hand.  The TLC saves her a lot of time and labor, and makes our work go much faster and more smoothly.”  

Heat Free Lights Improve Clinician Comfort
What a relief to be able to work long hours in an operatory without heat producing lights.  Especially during long appointments, clinicians don’t sweat from the light.


Convenience Increases Technology Utilization

Seamless Technology Integration
Most clinicians don’t use all of their technology because it is too cumbersome and inefficient.  With the TLC, all of your digital technology is integrated into one convenient hub.  You can switch seamlessly between high definition TV, DVD, digital X-rays, intraoral camera, practice management software, case presentations, and patient education – without re-positioning the patient or interrupting your workflow. 

“With the TLC, technology utilization is greatly improved because everything is more convenient, efficient, and ergonomic.  The High-Def patient monitor is directly above the patient, and I can show anything by simply pressing a button.”

Yes, there were cheaper alternatives by buying separate monitors and lights, but I was going for the modern sleek look. The ingenuity of the design which integrates all of our technology in one system and allows us to switch easily from one input to another is absolutely more than worth the price.”

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