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A Powerful Practice Building System

Attract New Patients
The TLC is a proven ‘new patient magnet.’  Referrals increase substantially because new and existing patients can’t wait to share their TLC experience with family, friends and colleagues.  Patients are impressed with the TLC's presentation and distraction technology and their capacity to completely zone-out during treatment. 

TLC practices typically increase new patient referrals by at least 10 - 20%.  One new patient was so thrilled she immediately called two friends on her cell phone who soon after became new patients. 

Strengthen Patient Loyalty
Patients enjoying their first experience in the TLC ZONE frequently comment how appreciative they are that their dentist cares enough to make them more comfortable.  After their first appointment watching Hi-Def TV or movies in the TLC ZONE, they never want to endure another dental visit without it. 

Loyalty increases, and patients cancel/fail fewer appointments and accept more long appointment procedures because dentistry in the TLC ZONE is not only tolerable and distracting, but for many patients it is very comfortable and even enjoyable.

“At least one patient makes a positive remark about the TLC every single day—even after using TLCs for four years!  Patients now come to us for more than a filling.  They come for a TLC experience they can’t get anywhere else.”  

Positions You as THE High Tech Practice
For many dentists, the TLC’s WOW factor is a huge benefit.  Patients' experience in the TLC ZONE instantly differentiates them by making their practices more desirable.  Patients naturally assume that every part of the practice is as high tech and up-to-date as the TLC. 

  "What we didn’t expect was that patients experiencing the TLC ZONE would create a steady buzz that our technology driven practice offers the very best of everything.”

“Of all the new high tech additions to our office, there is no question that the TLC gets 99% of the comments.”  No other dental equipment compares to the TLC’s WOW factor.”


Your Practice Becomes More Appealing and Welcoming
The TLC creates a more upbeat, pleasant office environment for both patients and your entire team.  Operatories are more spacious, less threatening, and more relaxing for everyone.  Patients focus in on the Hi-Def screen, without scary lights and clunky arms, and relax immediately.  They become totally engrossed in the programs on the TLC screen which is ideally positioned for a stunning home theater experience. 

Patients remember their anxiety-free experience in the TLC ZONE and look forward to subsequent visits.

“A TLC in every room makes every room I go into a happy room.  If I didn’t have seven TLCs, sometimes I would have to work in a room without one, and I don’t think I could handle that anymore.”  
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