Patient Health Benefits - More Dentistry Without the Stress

The TLC ZONE Lowers Anxiety Up to 90%

Patients Zone Out
The TLC ZONE creates a special ambiance that relaxes and distracts even the most anxious patient.  Anxiety disappears, replaced by a pleasant dental experience and increased treatment acceptance.

“I had a self-proclaimed high fear patient the other day. As soon as he lay down, I put a movie on the TLC and never heard a peep out of him.  He never moved.  I would never have even guessed he was a high fear patient.  As he was leaving he told my receptionist, “That’s the most fun I ever had in a dentist’s office!”

“The TLC experience is so relaxing and distracting that some of our patients have stopped taking valium or N2O.”



Easier to Accept Needed Treatment

Seeing is Believing
When patients don’t fear coming to the dentist, they are more apt to get the dentistry they need, when they need it.  They don’t procrastinate or cancel appointments and they become more motivated to restore their mouths.

Moreover, when patients are relaxed and can see what’s going on in their mouths, they accept more treatment faster.  In the TLC ZONE, the ideally positioned high definition screen, without glare from lights, makes it easy for them to view digital X-rays and patient education that helps them understand why they need treatment.  When they see it, they get it, and when they get it they don’t hesitate to schedule the appointment.

  "When we can use the intraoral camera to perform a tour of the mouth, patients see immediately where their problems are and accept treatment in the blink of an eye.  They see the problem on the screen and they just get it in a way that precludes the necessity to explain and explain.”  


Dramatically Improves Comfort

Heat and Glare Free Lights Increase Comfort
In the TLC ZONE, patients don’t sweat because the TLC’s advanced operating lights are heat free.  They can settle in to watch entertainment or view patient education without annoying heat and glare from conventional operating lights impeding their viewing experience.

Without heat and glare, patients remain comfortable and anxiety free, allowing you to focus in the TLC ZONE where patients behave and you can practice distsraction-free dentistry all day long.


Elevates Mood

Patients are Distracted and Happier
Time passes quickly for patients when they are relaxed and distracted by entertainment that blocks out unpleasant dental sensations.  Most patients are truly amazed by their positive dental experience in the TLC ZONE.  They arrive in a good mood and leave in a good mood, which makes everyone happier.

“The versatility of the TLC’s entertainment technology has had a very positive impact on our office environment.  We can say to patients coming in for long appointments, “Here are three DVD’s we currently have running, or you can watch TV or just listen to music.”  That level of choice and control takes most people by surprise and makes them very happy."

"When patients leave here, they are blown away by the experience.”

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