Team Health Benefits - Upbeat and Productive

Less Stressful Days

Patients Don’t Mind if You Run Behind
In any office there are times when things get backed up or emergencies arise.  Patients watching entertainment in the TLC ZONE don’t seem to mind these delays.  They rarely complain and often thank you for making their visit pleasant and entertaining.  The office atmosphere stays so much more relaxed and everyone on the team feels less stressed. 

You may also discover that you'll run behind far less often and recover faster because the TLC makes you more efficient and reduces procedure times.

“In the past, if I had an emergency, I was so stressed thinking of the patient waiting in the other room.  Now, in the TLC ZONE, the patient who is waiting isn’t anxious.  The whole office benefits from a more relaxed ambiance.”  

Patient’s Don’t Care How Long They Are in the Chair
Patients in the TLC ZONE become mesmerized watching entertainment.  They are relaxed and compliant for long periods of time, lying perfectly still with their heads and chins ideally positioned so you can work more efficiently without the added stress of patients fidgeting and taking frequent breaks. 

  "Our staff is constantly remarking how amazingly well patients respond to 4 and 5 hour appointments when they are in the TLC ZONE.  The patient might get up after the first movie to take a restroom break, then watch another movie and finish up before the movie ends.  It makes it so much more tolerable for them - and easier for us.”

“I can’t imagine practicing long appointment dentistry without the TLC.”


Patients Cooperate and Don’t Fidget and Complain
Previously anxious adults and fidgety children remain totally compliant and stay where you need them throughout their visit.  Clinicians can work up to 30% more efficiently and use significantly less anesthetic.

“From the second I turn on the movie, patients just lie there, as if sedated.  They don’t fidget or talk.  It’s almost like working on a mannequin in dental school.  I work so much more efficiently, there is much less stress in the office, and everyday patients thank us for the experience."  

Patients Don’t Broadcast Stress
Patient anxiety can be contagious and spread rapidly, setting everyone in the office on edge.  Some dentists refer to the TLC as an electronic sedative because it completely transforms the office environment by relaxing patients and creating a more enjoyable dental experience for everyone.

Dr. Scott Parr, who opened his new office in 2002 with six TLC Systems, reports that patient anxiety plummeted in the TLC ZONE.  He rated patient anxiety on a scale of 1-10 where a 10 signifies a patient who requires sedation. 

Patients who presented with high anxiety prior to the TLC (6-8) experienced dramatic relief and showed symptoms of patients with very mild anxiety (3-4).  More than 90% of patients with mild to moderate anxiety (3-6) were nearly asymptomatic (1-2) in the TLC ZONE.

  "For us, the improvement in the quality of life and care is priceless.  There is so much less stress in the office.  It really is remarkable.”  


Happier Nights

Better Company
Team spouses and families benefit because patients don’t bring stress grenades to the office anymore.  At the end of the day, because patients are calmer and happier, everyone goes home ready for a more enjoyable evening.

One dental spouse commented, “At first I thought the TLCs were unnecessary expenses.  Now I know they are the best investment my husband ever made because he comes home happier and has more energy.  He isn’t bringing home stress from patients and staff because the TLCs revitalized everyone in the office.  I am very happy for him, but I am also happy for me, his staff, and the patients.  The TLCs have touched everyone’s lives in a very positive way.”  


Boosts Pride and Morale

Staff Love Workibg in the TLC ZONE
Dentists and patients are not the only ones who benefit from the TLC.  Everyone working in the office expresses universal praise for the TLC as a high tech dental product that consistently wows and delights patients.  They are proud to be part of an up-to-date practice that impresses patients and makes their dental experience infinitely more enjoyable.

“Patients are so happy,” comments one office manager, “that they are even happier about paying their bill.  Their TLC experiences in the back makes it easier to collect money at the front.”

  "In all my years of practicing dentistry, never once did a patient ever remark, “This was the best dental experience of my life!”  Since installing the TLC, we now hear this comment at least once a week.  It makes us feel great.”

“Relaxed patients make us more relaxed.  Our staff loves it because patients love it.  It’s easy to use and they picked it up very quickly.  It also makes them very proud of our office.”

"Everyone on my staff loves working with the TLC.  They can’t wait to show it off to new patients and they talk about it very enthusiastically to family and friends."



Noticeably Calmer Office Ambiance

Patients Stay Relaxed
Patients in the TLC ZONE don’t exude their anxiety, so you don’t have to manage it.  Negatives about treatment needs switch to positives and the entire practice experiences less stress, not only in the operatory but at the front desk and in the reception area.  Everyone enjoys calmer, happier days which makes the practice more welcoming and relaxing for everyone.

“One of the biggest differences we’ve noticed is the change in the ambiance of our office environment which is quieter, more peaceful, and much less stressful for everyone.”

“Our staff loves the TLC.  As a group they tend to be computer-phobic so at first they were skeptical.  But in fact, they absolutely love it.  It’s easy to use, and they just love how well patients respond."

"Across the board, the office is less stressful, the kids are quieter and happier, and the mothers are smiling and grateful.  In fact, the TLC’s positive effect on the mothers’ experience has been worth every penny we spent.”



Superior Ergonomics

Heat Free Lights Increase Comfort
The TLC’s advanced twin operating lights eliminate the heat and discomfort associated with conventional operating lights.  Everyone in the operatory feels more refreshed and relaxed which enhances efficiency, mood and comfort.  You won’t sweat from the TLC’s advanced dental product design and your patients won’t feel like they are being interrogated under hot bright lights.

Move Light and Monitor 20% - 40% Less Often
The all-in-one design of the TLC monitor and lighting system allows you to position the lights, monitor, and mouth, and then leave them in that ideal position for longer periods of time.  This consistent repeatability of light/monitor/mouth placement saves time and greatly improves efficiency.

Because the TLC has two independently adjustable lights, one high intensity beam can be focused on the patient’s mouth and the other on your hands for making adjustments.  Patients watching entertainment on the overhead TLC screen don’t move their heads so once you position the light on the mouth, it stays there until you decide to move it.

It is also very convenient when bonding to be able to flip one switch to change the light to an orange filter ‘no-cure’ mode.

Eliminate Fatigue
Clinicians working in the TLC ZONE enjoy working in a more spacious operatory environment without interference from bulky arms and posts.  It is also easier to work because nothing is attached to the chair.  You can use all of your technology without stopping to re-position the patient which saves time and energy throughout the day.

Reduce Head and Neck Pain
The TLC’s ideally positioned screen eliminates head and neck strain when viewing X-rays or sharing treatment plans with patients.  The TLC angles easily for different procedures.  Simply tilt the screen or move it backwards or forwards to suit your needs.

  "For me, there is simply no other dental product that allows you so much flexibility in positioning the screen.  It slides on a ceiling mounted track so you can push it to the toe of the chair when the patient is sitting up or you can tilt it to be directly over their heads when they are lying down.  Both the screen and the lights are perfectly positioned for the patients’ comfort - and for me to work more comfortably.”

“In my mind, the TLC is leagues better than anything else available on the market today.”


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