The most common response from dentists, the team, and patients (existing and new) is ‘WOW.’ Everyone is impressed by the aesthetics and function.  Patients enjoy being in the anxiety-free TLC ZONE during treatment, and clinicians feel better focusing on the dentistry instead of managing misbehavior. 

There is no better way than reading for yourself what dentists have to say about working in the TLC ZONE. 


“You would have to pry them from my cold dead hands before I would give up my TLCs.”

“I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to practice without it.”

Our office is about as ultramodern and comfortable as anything out there, but you know what patients comment on the most?  It is the TLC monitor and lights.  Kids zone out and adults melt into the chair.  For us, the TLCs are worth the price at 10 times what I paid for them.

“A TLC in every room makes every room I go into a happy room.”

“Kids are like vegetables with mouths.”

“The TLC has done more to improve our practice than any other dental product we ever bought.”

“With the TLC, it’s almost like working on a mannequin from dental school.”

“The TLC is so distracting and relaxing that some patients laugh during root canals.”

“There is a definite WOW factor that comes into play every day as patients proclaim, “Look at that technology. That is really something else!”

“I can’t think of a better way to spend money and get that high tech WOW experience in a dental operatory.”

"There is simply no comparison to the light we had before which was very uncomfortable for patients.”

“I just can’t say enough about how glad we are we spent the money and how much we love working with the TLC every day.”

“I consistently finish long appointments 30 - 60 minutes faster.”

“I had no idea when I bought the TLC how it would fundamentally change my work life for the better.”

“I can’t think of a better way to upgrade an existing operatory to function 98% as well as building a new operatory from scratch than to install a TLC.”

“I have visited countless dental offices and I have never seen anything that compares to the performance, functionality and ergonomics of the  TLC.”

“Kids who were untreatable are now so totally distracted they are like putty.”

“Now I use all my technology because it’s so easy.”

“We love that the TLC gives our operatories a new look that is uncluttered and ergonomically high tech.”

“We jokingly refer to the TLC ZONE as ‘kiddie valium’ because kids lie so still it’s as if they’re drugged.”

“I can’t imagine practicing without the TLC.  It is one of the smartest investments I ever made.”

“The TLC solves the monitor placement problem better than anything I’ve ever seen.”

“Since installing the TLC’s, we now have a waiting list of associates who want to work in our office.  Everyone is WOWed.”

“We all know that everyone claims to be a gentle dentist, but this level of differentiation is amazing.”

"We are so glad we bought the TLC.  It has paid for itself many times over.”

“At least one patient makes a positive comment about the TLC every single day.”

“Of all the high tech additions to our office, there is no question that the TLC gets 99% of the comments.”

“No other dental equipment compares to the WOW factor of the TLC.”

“The TLC paid for itself in four months.”

“I can’t imagine practicing long appointment dentistry without the TLC.”

“Patients accept more treatment faster.”

“An anxious patient told me it was the best dental experience of his life.”

“The best dental light I have ever used.”

“Patients are so relaxed, they don’t care how long a procedure takes.”

“The TLC is the high tech centerpiece of our office.”

“My production increased 30% in the first three months using the TLC.”

“At least once a week I hear a patient say, “This was the best dental experience of my life.”

“I’ve never seen another product that compares to the TLC.”

“The WOW factor of the TLC made all the difference in our new office.”

“I can specifically identify new patients and accepted treatment because of the TLC that more than paid for the TLC in the first four months.”

“I adjust the TLC’s fiber optic lights half as often as my old conventional lights.”

“The patient WOW factor of the TLC is unbelievable.”

“The TLC is an amazing tool to help distract even the most anxious patient.”

“The TLC is hands down the best money I ever spent on dental technology.”

“Even after three years, patients are WOWed daily.”

“It’s unbelievable.  The head doesn’t move.”

“I can use all of my technology more fully.”

“The fiber optic light is glare free, cold, and focused.  I absolutely love it.”

“In the first six months, the number of TLC related referrals more than paid for the investment.”

“My patients are so relaxed and happy.  I wish I could invest in the company.”

“Kids and parents love the TLC, and we have noticeably less stress in the office.”

“We are so glad we bought the TLCs.  They have paid for themselves many times over.”

“The Seltzer Institute has a unique understanding of the dental environment and they continue to astound us with their understanding of our needs and desires.”

“The patients' experience in the TLC ZONE is so relaxing that some of our patients have stopped taking valium or N20.”

“We love working with the TLC.  We have two and will be buying two more.”




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