TLC Story
by Steven M. Seltzer, TLC Inventor

As a technology and management consultant, I traveled the country for many years, meeting with progressive dentists in their offices to help them leverage technology to improve their quality of care and create efficiencies to increase income and reduce stress.

Using “point-of-service” computer monitors for patient relaxation, patient education, and technology integration was a critical component of the implementation plan, but a good mounting solution did not exist.  We tried every conceivable product to mount the monitor so that it would be upright at the toe of the chair when the patient was seated, and horizontal above the patient’s head when the patient was supine.  To achieve optimal results, the monitor also needed to be easy to position and comfortable for both the patient and provider to view without stray light or heat from the operating light. 

Ultimately, everything we tried was cumbersome, didn't work properly or was aesthetically unpleasant.  We knew that if patients were comfortable and impressed they would tolerate and even enjoy their appointments.  We also knew that patients who were anxious were cognitively disabled and often incapable of saying “yes” to treatment.

Based on requirements provided by several practicing dentists, I set about to invent the TLC System (originally called the DentalChairPotato). The first few ceiling mounted prototypes delighted supine patients who loved having a screen that filled their entire field of vision, ideally positioned directly above their heads (the equivalent of watching entertainment at home when sitting upright).  But they also complained that the heat and stray light from the operating light was uncomfortable and annoying.

Stage two of the design process involved adding a heat-free, focused operating light to the over-the-patient monitor system.  Patients were instantly ecstatic.  Dentists were amazed as well, and commented, “Patients act like they are sedated.  They don’t move their heads, I can work much faster, and the entire ambiance of the office has improved because our patients and staff are much less anxious.  Everyone is more relaxed.”

Because the TLC was designed from scratch to integrate technology and create a TLC ZONE where patients are relaxed and dentists can focus on their work, it is more functional, aesthetic, and updatable than dental products that have been adapted or retrofitted.  As a specialized dental product, the TLC functions as a convenient technology delivery system that allows everyone to more effectively utilize the technology they already own, and make practicing dentistry more fun and profitable.

Now, more than 20,000 patients every day are treated in the anxiety-free TLC ZONE where the palpable reduction in office stress makes everyone much more comfortable.  Dentists can focus on clinical dentistry without managing misbehavior, patients don’t avoid the office and say “yes” to more treatment, and the practice is more profitable and productive.  General dentists and dental specialists enjoy practicing in the TLC ZONE.  Everybody’s happier, the practice is growing, and the addition of the TLC has paid for itself many times over. 

Isn’t it time you considered adding a TLC to your operatory?  Your patients deserve it - and so do you. 

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