TLC User Product Review
Sanford Barr, D.D.S.

Ergonomically, the TLC is laid out just right for my working style and it gives a fabulous high tech feel to the operatory, exactly the look we wanted to achieve for our practice.

Patients are Completely Relaxed and Distracted
What I love most about owning the TLC Technology Lighting Center is the ability for patients to comfortably watch TV, DVD’s and concerts so that their focus is on something other than the work I am doing.  With the TLC’s overhead monitor, patients lie so still it’s almost as if they’re sedated.  Time goes by much faster for the patient, and I can take my time doing the dentistry.  They feel like they’re getting a nice, relaxing break in their day, almost like going to a spa.

I’m also a Cerec user and inevitably there is some down time during the appointment while the computer completes the milling process.  I used to feel I had to entertain the patient.  Now, they entertain themselves and experience much less stress.

Patients Don’t Mind Waiting
In any office, there are times when things get backed up or emergencies arise.  With the TLC, patients don’t seem to mind the delays when they are lying down and watching a movie.  The office atmosphere stays so more relaxed.

Patients are Universally Impressed
The TLC is a really big positive for all of our patients.  When a new patient first sits down in the chair, a nearly universal response is, “Wow, you gotta be kidding!”  Or “I can’t believe how high tech you are,” or, “I can’t believe how much you care about my comfort and enjoyment.”  The TLC positions me as a high tech, cutting edge dentist which is great for my practice.

Convenient Orange ‘No-Cure’ Mode
I also love the cold fiber optic operating light.  There’s no glare or distraction for the patient.  I can focus the light in a smaller area and switch back and forth from daylight to orange mode for bonding with one turn of a knob.

Everyone On My Staff Loves the TLC
They can’t wait to show it off to new patients and they talk about it very enthusiastically to family and friends.  They love watching the expression on a patient’s face when they first present them with a choice of DVD’s to watch during their appointment. Sometimes if a patient has chosen one of our comedy movies to watch, I have to warn them ahead of time not to laugh out loud too much while I’m working.  If the patient doesn’t get to finish watching their movie, we let them borrow it and return it later.

The TLC Integrates All of my Technology in One System
I have always been a technology buff, so for me, the very best aspect of working with the TLC is that it integrates all of my technology and computer programs in one system.  I can use everything I own including the camera, the computer, Cerec, laser, etc.  I feel it has allowed me to truly take my practice into the 21st century.  Everything works seamlessly together.  With the viewing screen front and center, it works wonders on the patient’s minds to make them feel more relaxed.  They lose track of time and I can work so much more efficiently and comfortably because they are so relaxed.  Ergonomically, the TLC is laid out just right for my working style and it gives a fabulous high tech feel to the operatory, exactly the look we wanted to achieve for our practice. 

A Very Worthwhile Dental Equipment Investment
As for justifying the cost, for me, anything that makes the practice run more smoothly is worth it.  I view the TLC as a very inexpensive investment in a dental product that makes everything easier for the patient, and easier for me.  It is one of the very best adjuncts we have made to the practice - and it didn’t require my taking any continuing education to use it.  One flip of the switch and everyone is happier.  I can’t imagine practicing without it.

Customer Service We Can Count On
The Seltzer Institute has been a wonderful supplier with a quick response to even the smallest question.  We have received truly exceptional service for a dental product that has done so much to improve the way we deliver dentistry and take care of our customers.  The TLC has accomplished everything I had in mind for my practice, and more.

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