TLC User Product Review
Dominic Colletti, D.D.S.

Patients have great confidence in the technology and seem to place greater trust in our recommendations for higher levels of treatment.

No Patient Re-positioning Required
We installed our first TLC Technology Lighting Center in late November of 2003.  The greatest benefit for us has been our ability to use the overhead monitor without re-positioning reclining patients when we want to switch from patient entertainment to patient education.  The TLC’s cold fiber optic lights allow us to focus on the oral cavity without creating glare for patients watching movies and TV on the overhead monitor system.  We can easily access multiple video technologies including an intraoral camera, DVD, TV or patient education, and use all of our technology because it’s right there and we don’t have to re-position the patient to switch from entertainment to education.  It also creates a relaxing distraction for the patient.  The overhead monitor is at an ideal distance where most of our patients who wear glasses do not even need to put their glasses back on to watch movies or digital images of their mouth.  We love that the TLC gives our operatories a new look that is uncluttered and ergonomically high tech.

Helps Enrich Our Patient Relationships
Ever since we installed the TLC, our patients are more relaxed and less focused on the negative aspects of the dental experience.  As they are watching a TV show or news on CNN, our staff can more easily converse and connect with them around current events or TV show topics.  It has become a running joke for hygiene patients who only want to schedule appointments during or after Oprah, or during their favorite afternoon soap operas.  Sometimes when patients finish before their movie has ended, we make a note and continue the movie for them on their next visit. 

Patients Accept Treatment in the Blink of an Eye
We also try to expose new patients to a wide variety of patient education videos and we use radiographs and intraoral images of the mouth to expand their awareness of their dental hygiene and overall dental health.  In this regard, a picture is worth a thousand words.  There is also a ‘wow’ factor with the TLC that comes into play as patients commonly proclaim, “Look at that technology.  That is really something else!”  When we can use the intraoral camera to perform a tour of the mouth, patients see immediately where their problems are and accept treatment without delay.  Patients have great confidence in the technology and seem to place greater trust in our recommendations for higher levels of treatment.  As a leading edge dental product, the TLC enhances the patient’s experience of the dental experience in so many ways.  They see the problem on the screen and they just ‘get it’ in a way that precludes the necessity to explain and explain.

The Best Operatory Light We Have Ever Experienced
We also love the TLC’s fiber optic light which is glare-free for the patient and the best operatory light we have ever experienced.  We can focus the light beam directly on the oral cavity and adjust it so that we never really have a blind spot.  The light is easy to access and position.  It’s also great to be able to turn one knob to switch the lens to an orange ‘no cure’ mode when bonding.  We think that is absolutely great.  There is simply no comparison to the light we had before which, though intense, was very uncomfortable for patients.  In hindsight, there is no reason to have to utilize a light that shines directly in the patient’s eyes which also inhibits eye contact and makes it difficult to communicate during a procedure.  In my opinion, the TLC offers the best dental light available today.

Dramatic Increase in Patient Referrals
The TLC has also increased our word-of-mouth referral business which has allowed us to decrease the amount of money we spend marketing our practice. When the patient is reclined in a chair with their mouth open, they can feel very vulnerable.  But when they are looking at the overhead monitor and we have the TLC doing its thing in terms of educating, entertaining or distracting them, it reduces their vulnerability and I think it makes it easier for patients to walk out of the office and say, “This was not such a bad experience,” and then tell their friends, neighbors and relatives: “I went to the dentist, got to watch TV, learned about my dental hygiene, and it wasn’t so bad at all.”  Because of the TLC, we have seen a tremendous increase in patient referrals.

Patients Lie Perfectly Still, Oblivious to the Work Being Done
In terms of productivity, the TLC has enabled us to work more efficiently because we are able to provide patients with a better understanding of their problems and what needs to be done.  When they are so distracted watching a movie or TV, we can focus all of our attention on doing the work while they lie perfectly still, oblivious to the details of the work being done.  We are able to use less anesthetic and we can complete appointments much faster in a more calm and relaxed environment, especially when we are working on children who just zone out to a movie and lie perfectly still throughout the duration of their treatment.  It’s a great alternative to sedation dentistry.

I Can’t Imagine Practicing Dentistry Without the TLC
If I were to give advice to a dentist considering a TLC purchase, I would say, first come to my office and see it in action.  I would invite dentists to compare the light to anything else currently on the market in terms of its efficiency and intensity combined with its minimal footprint within the operatory.  I would invite them to consider the complete flexibility of the ceiling mounted monitor which can be easily adjusted to a sitting or supine patient, and the ease of switching from TV and video to patient education, digital images, an intraoral camera or digital X-Ray applications.  All it takes is one click of a switch, without disturbing the patient or your work flow.  For all these reasons I can’t imagine practicing dentistry without the TLC.  It is an extraordinary piece of dental equipment.

I recently visited a friend’s office who did some remodeling and did not have a TLC installed.  I looked at all his new high tech equipment but left thinking to myself, “I don’t care how nice and new this equipment looks.  It simply doesn’t compare to the benefits I enjoy using the TLC Technology Lighting Center!”

Hygiene Patients Accept Treatment Without Resistance
The TLC is especially useful for hygiene patients where patient education is most effective.  On an initial visit we use the TLC to conduct a tour of the mouth to show patients where they have tartar build up and problem areas with their gums.  Just two weeks ago, I had a patient who said, “You know, I never would have believed it unless you showed it to me and, you know, I never knew I crunched my teeth.”  Within moments of showing him the X-Ray, he accepted a fairly extensive treatment plan with no resistance at all.  For most hygiene appointments, we spend the first and last part of the appointment using the TLC to show before and after results, and during the middle portion of the treatment, patients can watch TV or a movie clip to completely distract and relax them while the technician performs the cleaning.

Fast Response From a Supplier That Astounds Us
Ever since we bought our first TLC unit, Steven Seltzer, and all the people at Seltzer Institute have been quite accommodating.  Whenever we had a problem or question, they were quick to respond and were completely helpful in every way.  We are thrilled to be part of this technology in progress as we think Seltzer Institute has a unique understanding of the dental environment and they continue to astound us with their understanding of our needs and desires.  We are pleased to believe we are growing with them as they continue to evolve this unique and innovative dental technology which has done more to improve our practice than any other dental product or piece of dental equipment we have ever bought.  We think it’s a win/win situation for us and Seltzer Institute, and we are thrilled to talk to any dentist who is considering a purchase of this type of dental equipment to share our experience of complete satisfaction with the TLC.

Patients Comment Positively Every Single Day About the TLC
Lastly, we would be remiss not to mention that every single day at least one of our patients makes a positive remark about their experience of the TLC.  Whether it’s a response we hear from a patient seeing the inside of their mouth for the first time, or a way we connect to a patient through what they are watching on the monitor, we value the benefit the TLC brings to our practice as a way to make us more efficient, satisfy our patients, and differentiate us from other dentists in our market.  It has brought us closer to our patients and enhanced our ability to create deeper relationships with them, both dentally and personally.  Last week, we had a long time patient bring in photos of their wedding on a CD for us to watch on the TLC that had nothing to do with their dental care, but everything to do with how they thought of us as part of their extended family.  This is just one part of how we feel the TLC has helped us improve the quality of relationship and care we provide for our patients.  Patients come to us for more than a filling.  They come for a TLC experience they can’t get anywhere else.

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