TLC User Product Review
John Herzog, D.D.S.

At least once a week since we installed the TLC I hear a patient say, "This was the best dental experience of my life." I never heard these kinds of comments before. The difference in the patient experience is all about the TLC..

Excellent Patient Experiences
For me, one of the greatest benefits of using the TLC Technology Lighting Center is the distraction it provides for our patients who can watch cable TV on the TLC overhead monitor during their appointments. It has been a huge plus for our practice as patients are able to lose themselves and focus on something other than the care that is going on inside their mouths. 

Just today I had a patient for a two-hour appointment.  She was rather nervous coming in and we were able to find a show she liked about dogs, which are her passion.  About three quarters of the way through the visit, when she had a chance to take a break, she remarked, “This is so much better than I thought it would be.”  In fact, at least once a week since we installed the TLC I hear a patient say, “This was the best dental experience of my life.”  I am not doing anything differently than I did in the past.  The difference in the patient experience is all about the TLC.  I never heard these kinds of comments before, like a patient the other day who said she wouldn’t mind coming back and doing the whole procedure again tomorrow!  What other dental product creates this kind of response?

Less Stress in the Office
Since installing the TLC Technology Lighting Centers we’ve also noticed a definite decrease in the level of stress in the office.  If I’m running late or a patient is waiting for me, we can put a TV show on the overhead TLC monitor and all of sudden they don’t seem to mind the wait so much.  In the past, if I had an emergency I was so stressed thinking of the patient waiting in the other room.  Now, because the patient who is waiting isn’t anxious, the whole office benefits from a more relaxed ambiance.  The TLC is an ideal alternative to sedation dentistry, for the whole office.

Sleeker, Less Cluttered Operatory
Another benefit of the TLC is the way it opens up the office space.  Because it hangs on a ceiling mounted track, the operatory feels much less cluttered and less claustrophobic without the pole that used to sit next to the chair.  It gives our office a much more high tech look and feel.  I also use the overhead monitor for patient education and look forward in the near future to adding digital radiography so I’ll be able to pop the X-ray right up on the screen in front of the patient without having to sit them up or have them turn around.  I think that will be an awesome addition to our practice. 

I also love the fact that the fiber optic light in the TLC is a smaller footprint and patients can watch TV without any glare in their eyes.  It’s also very convenient when bonding to be able to flip one switch to change the light to an amber filter ‘no-cure’ mode.  We use that feature all the time.

Well Worth the Price
Were I to give advice to a dentist considering a TLC dental equipment purchase, the biggest point I’d make is that there is simply nothing comparable.  There is no other piece of dental equipment quite like it.  Granted, there are a lot of cheaper ways to buy a monitor and a light.  Some dentists think, “Well, I have a monitor and I could buy a bracket and hang it on the pole or put it in the corner and it will be the same thing.” Well, it’s not the same thing at all.  The way the TLC is engineered to integrate the light and the technology and easily move back and forth on a ceiling mount and tilt up or down for patient viewing is totally unique.  I repeat, I have not seen a dental product that is even close to comparable. 

So many patients comment when they first come in, "Oh, yeah, my old dentist had a TV, but it was over in the corner and I could never see it, but this is so convenient.”  As they lie there, I can work and they can distract themselves watching Cable TV on the overhead TLC monitor as opposed to a monitor that they can really only watch if they are sitting up and I’m not in the room.  The TLC is right there and easily accessible all the time. 

Our Patients Just Love the TLC
I honestly believe there is no substitute for the value the TLC provides.  I can fully justify the price because I know I am providing a superior experience for my patients, and I work much more efficiently than before.   In all my years of practicing dentistry, never once did a patient ever remark, “This was the best dental experience of my life.” Since installing the TLC, we now hear this comment at least once a week.  It makes us feel great - and the TLC has increased our productivity by 10% to 20%.  We believe the TLC is a phenomenal dental product. 

More New Patients
We have noticed a marked increase in new patient referrals since we started using the TLC.  I don’t do a lot of fancy marketing.  For me, there is nothing better than a referral from a satisfied patient. Watching TV on the TLC makes patients very happy so they are more likely to send in their friends, family and co-workers.  Of course, it’s not only about the TLC.  If I hurt the patient or inadequately anaesthetize them, it wouldn’t matter what I showed them on TV.  But the fact that I am not hurting them, that they think the work is being well done, and that they are able to distract themselves watching TV and have a relatively enjoyable experience, the TLC becomes a huge plus.  For most patients, the TLC makes all the difference in the world to the quality of their experience.  It is something that is hard to fathom.

Less Stress in the Office
When I first bought the TLC’s about three years ago, my assistant at that time who had been with me for 10 years was kind of a naysayer: “Oh, you’re wasting your money, etc.”  It couldn't have been more than a week or two after I got the TLC’s that she came to me and said, "You know, I have to tell you, I was really wrong about this.  All the patients are just so happy, I can’t believe the difference!”   The TLC absolutely changed the dynamic in the office.  Stress levels are noticeably down and everyone is much more relaxed.

Children are Completely Distracted
As well as the TLC works to calm and distract adults, it is exponentially more effective with children.  Anyone who has kids knows that if they are watching TV and you have to call them down for dinner, it can take up to four calls before they respond.  Similarly, as a kid dentist with the TLC in the operatory, kids just lose themselves in a cartoon or whatever they’re watching on TV.  I have literally anesthetized and taken out three teeth on a terrified child and had the child look at the mother when I was done and mumble, “Did he do it already?”  Imagine that!  I had given them injections and pulled three teeth and they were just so focused on Sponge Bob Square Pants that they never even noticed.  The first time it happened I said “Oh, my god, look at that, but with the TLC, it’s now a regular occurrence.  The TLC changes the face of pediatric dentisty.

We Spend Much Less Energy Managing Behavior
Kids who were nearly untreatable are now so totally distracted they are like putty.  They do whatever we want them to do.  If we try to move their heads or open their mouths, they are just very compliant.  They are so focused on the show they’re watching that they literally don’t care what we are doing.  We also find that the TLC provides a lot of relief for kids who arrive with a lot of fear.  As soon as we give them the remote, they just go off into some kind of fantasyland and it makes a big, big difference.  Pediatric dentistry has never been so painless.

Our Hygienists Love Working with the TLC
For our hygienists, patients get settled into the chair exactly where you want them.  There is a lot less fidgeting and moving around.  Patients get locked into their TV shows, and as long as you don’t hurt them, they just lie there like zombies while you work.  As a long time kid dentist, I remember that before we installed the TLC’s there would often be sounds of kids crying and screaming from the hygiene room.  We simply never hear any of that anymore.  We hand the child the remote, they have their headphones on, and the appointment goes by in a flash.  Everyone just loves it.

Superior Service and Support 
When you talk to the TLC’s inventor and founder, Steve Seltzer, you can tell instantly that he believes in this dental product and he is dedicated to its success.  I think any dentist would be smart to get on board with somebody like Steve who is involved in designing and evolving such a unique and leading edge dental product like the TLC.  From day one, the service and support we’ve received from Seltzer Institute has been excellent.  They call regularly to see how things are going and as the product continues to evolve they help us incorporate updates at a very reasonable cost. When we first bought our units, we had no idea how positively it would affect our office environment.  We find that with the TLC, it is much easier and much less stressful to get through a busy day.  That in itself is worth a lot to me.

The TLC is Worth Every Penny
I think the biggest concern for most dentists when they are considering this level of dental equipment purchase is the cost of the unit.  I would tell them to try to get past that and overlook it because I am certain that if I were to call them six months after installing their first TLC they would be saying exactly the same things I am saying - how much their stress level has decreased and how much the patients enjoy this dental product- and they would not be worried about the cost anymore because the TLC would have dramatically changed the atmosphere in their office for the best.  I don’t think you can go piece by piece to say the monitor costs X or the light costs Y.  The difference in the quality of both patient care and office life the TLC provides is worth every penny. 

In summary, I believe the TLC Technology Lighting Center is a great dental product.  I try to tell as many people as I can because I truly believe it can improve any dentist’s practice, integrate all of their technology in one over-the-patient monitor system, and help them create a more relaxed and productive work environment.  Who wouldn’t want that!

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