TLC User Product Review
George Jones, D.M.D.

You might be able to put it all together cheaper, but you certainly can’t put it together better!

Instant Differentiation For a Scratch Practice
I have a three month old scratch start practice so for me one the best things about purchasing a TLC Technology Lighting Center was the ‘wow’ factor and the instant market differentiation I achieved for my new office.  Everyday new patients come in, sit down, and remark, “Wait, let me get this straight.  You’ve got three DVD players, cable TV, satellite radio and a CD player, and they can all play in any room?  WOW!” 

The TLC Positions Us as an Ultra High End Practice That Cares About Our Patients
We all know that everyone claims to be a gentle dentist or claims to cater to cowards, but this level of differentiation is different.  The ‘wow’ factor of the TLC allows us to position ourselves as an ultra high end practice and shows our patients that we care about them enough to invest in their comfort, distraction and entertainment needs.

Kids are Well Behaved and Totally Cooperative
As a practice that includes pediatric dentistry, we find that kids watching movies on the TLC’s over-the-patient monitor are much easier to work on.  You just pop in their movie and they lie there completely still and distracted.  The same is true for anxious adult patients who calm right down as soon as they become immersed watching a Martha Stewart cooking DVD or a cable TV show on the overhead TLC monitor.  During longer appointments, we hear much less, “I need to use the bathroom,” or “I need a break.”  In fact, the only time the TLC has bogged me down was when we did a root canal and a crown on a guy and he spent most of the time watching a movie.  When we were done, he begged us to let him lie there a little longer to finish watching the movie.  So we accommodated him for ten minutes and it wasn’t such a big deal.  He was thrilled, and because of the distracting qualities of the TLC, he had remained so still and compliant that we had finished the appointment earlier than planned, so we didn’t get behind and we were able to accommodate a very good long-time patient.

We Now Show Many More Patient Education Clips
The TLC allows me to use all of my technology because it’s all integrated into one system.  As patients are watching a movie or TV, we joke with them, “We are now interrupting your regularly scheduled programming,” and we pop the X-ray right up on the monitor without needing to sit them up or reposition anything.  We say, “This is what we are doing and this is why we are doing it.”  I also have patient education software, so if we are about to do a root canal, we ask, “Have you ever had one?  No?  Let me show you real quickly.”  We show a three-minute video clip describing what we’re about to do and why we’re doing it.  As you can see, we are completely tickled with the technology capabilities of the TLC.  I have plumbed for five operatories and I’m currently only running out of two, so as soon as we’re ready, we will definitely be putting TLC’s in all five operatories.

Patients Are Blown Away by the TLC Experience
The versatility of the TLC’s entertainment technology has had a very positive impact on our office environment.  We are giving patients a level of control over their own appointments that they’ve never experienced in any other dental office.  We can say to patients coming in for long appointments, “Here are the three DVD’s we have currently running.  Do you want to watch one of these?  Do you want to watch cable TV or a basketball game?  Or, would you rather we just turned the TV off and you can listen to a classical CD or satellite radio?”  So part of the whole package is that the patient can select the environment they want to be in.  That level of choice and control takes most people by surprise and makes them very happy.  When patients leave here they are blown away by the experience.  It’s all part of the TLC ‘WOW’ factor.  They’ve never seen anything like it and they tell their friends and families, “Hey man, you should go to my dentist.  I just got to see a complete tour of my mouth, X-rays and all, and watch Seinfeld re-runs during my appointment. 

The TLC has Delivered a Steady Stream of New Patient Referrals
As a new practice, we feature the TLC Technology Lighting Center as the cornerstone of our new patient marketing efforts.  We use pictures of the TLC in all of our direct mail advertising and newspaper articles.  What we didn’t count on is that, based on their experience of the TLC in our office, our own patients are creating a steady buzz for our practice as a technologically driven office that offers the very best of everything.  As you can well imagine, we are acutely aware of referrals and where they come from, and the TLC has generated most of our new patient referrals.

A Dental Product That is Absolutely Worth the Investment
Like many dentists, when I first looked at the TLC I thought it might be too expensive.  Then I realized that by the time I got a light, a headlight, and a monitor, and then had to figure out how to mount the monitor so it wouldn’t be in the way or detract from the high tech look I desired, I felt the TLC was actually within a reasonable range of being slightly more expensive, but certainly worth it.  It has proved me right.  Now having used the TLC for three months, I know for sure that you might be able to put it all together cheaper, but you certainly can’t put it together better!  What a fabulous piece of dental equipment.

For us, there is no doubt that the TLC has been worth our investment.  I am thrilled with it, and as I said, I have two and I’ll be buying three more.That is the best I can say.  Right now we use one TLC in the main operatory and the other is for the hygienists who love it for its educational and entertainment value and for the way it distracts patients and makes appointments go faster and more pleasantly.

We Use the Orange ‘No-Cure’ Mode Everyday
The TLC was first recommended to me by a buddy from dental school who had a TLC and couldn’t stop raving about it.  When I went to see it for myself, I saw immediately how the system made so much sense with the monitor overhead and the cold fiber optic light completely integrated into the unit.  An unexpected benefit of the system has been having that orange filter in the light.  By simply flipping a switch, the system switches to a bright orange ‘no-cure’ mode that really lets me play with the composite without having it set up.  I didn’t know the system did this when I bought it, but I am delighted with this feature and I use it every day.

Just Try It.  You’ll Love It!
I had no idea when I bought the TLC what an amazing difference it would make to the way I can deliver the highest quality patient care and use the latest technologies to practice the kind of leading edge dentistry I most enjoy. I think that any dentist considering this sort of technology of dental product simply has to take a serious look at the TLC Technology Lighting Center.  I know dentists are cheap sometimes, but I would say, “Just go visit a dentist who uses it to see for yourself what the system can do.  If you are a pediatric dentist you won’t know how you ever lived without it.”

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