TLC User Product Review
John Palmer, D.D.S.

I can honestly say I would not want to practice long appointment dentistry without the TLC.

Patients Lie Perfectly Still
I was one of the first dentists in the country to buy a TLC Technology Lighting Center.  After three years using the system what I still like best about it is that patients watching the TLC monitor lie perfectly still, completely oblivious to the treatment.  It makes it so easy for me to work on them. 

Two Independently Adjustable Operating Lights
The second thing I love most about the TLC is the light.  Because there are two independently adjustable, daylight-color cold fiber optic lights, I can position one to be right in the patient’s mouth and the other at an angle so that when I lean in, my head doesn’t block the light.  It is such a great light, I am grateful for it every day. 

With Optimally Positioned Monitor Patient’s Head is Back and Chin Stays Up
For me, the third greatest benefit of the TLC is that the overhead position of the monitor allows me to use it all day long.  Instead of the monitor being in a corner of the operatory where a patient would have to crane their neck to see it, with the TLC they can now watch TV or a movie on the overhead monitor while in an optimal position for me to work comfortably and productively, head back and chin up, lying absolutely still.  The monitor can be perfectly positioned whether the patient is supine or sitting up and that is the greatest thing.  Because the TLC has several inputs, I can easily switch from cable TV or a movie to a digital X-ray or patient education clip without disturbing them or interrupting my work flow.  The TLC allows us to integrate all of our technology in one ideally positioned over-the-patient monitor system.

Patients Tolerate Long Appointment Dentistry So Much Better
Patients absolutely love the fact that they can watch movies and TV during their appointments.  Just last week I saw a new patient, an acquaintance from our church, who has a long time fear of dentistry.  He required some fairly extensive work and for his first long visit he selected the ‘Titanic’ to watch during his procedure, which is a very long movie.  We finished up and when he bumped into my wife the next day, she asked, “So how did it go?”  He responded sarcastically, “Well, it was great but I do have one complaint.  I didn’t get to finish watching the movie!”  Now, whenever he comes for an appointment he jokes around and asks, “Will you be long enough for me to see the entire movie?”  This is what we now hear from many of our patients when they schedule long appointments. 

The TLC Creates Great Word-of-Mouth Marketing
The TLC has helped us immeasurably with great word-of-mouth marketing.  As a leading edge dental product, it is the single greatest differentiator for our practice.  When I am out and about in town I invariably run into patients who, when they see me, always mention to their friends how great it is that they can watch movies during their dental visits and how tickled they are that the headphones block out all the noise.  They rave to their friends, family and co-workers, and we benefit from a constant stream of new patient referrals, directly related to the TLC experience.

The TLC Increases Case Acceptance
The TLC has also helped us increase treatment acceptance.  Because we can easily show images from the digital camera (without sitting up the patient or disrupting them in any way), they can see their whole mouth rather than one tooth at a time.  They readily see the problem and more readily agree on the spot to the treatment plan we recommend. 

Long Appointment Dentistry is Greatly Enhanced
Our staff loves working with the TLC.  They constantly remark how amazingly well patients respond to long four or five hour appointments.  The patient might get up after the first movie, take a restroom break, and then watch another movie and finish up before the movie ends.  It makes it so much more tolerable for them to be there for that long a time.  I can honestly say I would not want to practice long appointment dentistry without the TLC.

Great Customer Service
As for service and response from Seltzer Institute, Steve has been great.  I had an early unit and he has made it very easy for me to upgrade every step of the way.  They have taken excellent care of me and responded immediately to any problems, big or small.  They are an excellent supplier and we have been very happy with the level of service and support they provide.

More Expensive at First Glance, But Absolutely Worth Every Dime
My advice to a dentist considering a TLC dental equipment purchase is to say that at first glance the TLC might seem more expensive than alternative dental products, but given the benefits it provides for you and your patients it is absolutely worth it.  The fact that you can utilize all of your technology while patients lie rock-still watching movies on the overhead monitor system is a priceless benefit that is not available with any other system on the market at this time.

Patients Are So Appreciative
With the TLC, I have had patients watching a movie and laughing in the middle of a root canal.  Imagine that!  In fact, sometimes as patients start laughing or crying during an appointment, it takes me a minute to realize they are responding to the movie and not to something I am doing to them.  They don’t even realize I am there.  They’re oblivious to anything I am saying or doing as they can’t even hear me with the Bose headphones we use that cancel out all conversation and extraneous noise.

We are at Least 15% More Productive
Overall, I would say that the TLC allows me to work at least 15% more productively.  I am naturally fast, but because patients are so distracted and still, I can now work even faster.  I am acutely aware of this on the occasional day when our cable TV is down and patients are more restless and anxious than when they are completely absorbed in their TV shows.  Some patients have even requested that we re-schedule them if the cable is not working and they can’t watch TV on the TLC.  Every now and then we have a patient who doesn’t want to watch something, but that is very rare.  I would say 98% of my patients always want to watch TV or a movie during their visit.

In summary, I would have to say that the TLC is one of the top pieces of dental product technology I could not live without in my practice.  I would put the TLC before my digital X-ray technology or anything else because it has the greatest direct benefit for my patients than any technology I have ever bought!

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