TLC User Product Review
Ralph Reilly, D.D.S.

I have visited countless new dental offices and I have never seen anything that compares to the performance, functionality and ergonomics of the TLC Technology Lighting Center.

Nothing Works as Well as the TLC
We have always been a very high tech practice.  At the time of our last remodel we completely gutted the building and started from scratch with a goal to create a very sleek, high tech office design.  I spent quite a lot of time thinking about how to find an over-the-patient monitor solution, but I never came up with anything that works as well as the TLC.  We had always had a monitor by the side of the chair and could switch between the intraoral camera or DVD’s for patient distraction, but the monitor was never ideally positioned, and the glare of the light was always in the patient’s eyes.  It was always uncomfortable to have to re-position the patient instead of re-positioning the monitor.  We had also been used to using fiber optic lighting and fully appreciated the benefit of the TLC’s narrower beam of light that is bright and heat-free.

All-in-One Ergonomically Sleek Design That Matches Our Vision
It seemed like a lucky stroke of fate when we happened upon the TLC in the midst of our renovation process.  It was a kind of Eureka moment to find a system that fulfilled everything we were looking for:  An over-the-patient monitor system that integrated all of our technology and incorporated a cold, glare-free lighting source, all in one ergonomically sleek design that matched the vision we had for a modern, advanced high tech office.  As I said, I had been trying to come up with this kind of design for years but couldn’t’ figure out how to design a flexible mounting bracket or ceiling mount solution or how to incorporate all of our technology into one system.  When we came upon the TLC I thought, “Wow!  Someone really thought this through and solved our problem for us!

Patients Tell Us Every Day How Much They Like the TLC
At the time I knew this was a new product so there were very few people I could call to find out about it, but we have always been very progressive as far as trying innovative techniques and technologies, so we took the plunge and ordered five TLC systems and had them installed, and it all worked out extremely well.  They fit right in with the contemporary high tech look of our finished office design, and from day one we received glowing feedback from our patients who love the look of the TLC system as much as the benefit and enjoyment they derive from being able to watch movies and cable TV during appointments.  

Having a monitor in the operatory was not new to us.  Having fiber optic lighting was not new to us. But having a system that put it all together was a truly great solution for our practice.  Patients comment on how much they like it every day, and we enjoy using the TLC to put all of our new technology to use within one fully integrated, easy to operate over-the-patient monitor system.  It’s an amazing dental product for a spa practice such as ours.

It’s Like Magic.  Kids and Anxious Adults Lie Totally Still and Distracted
We do a lot of long appointment cosmetic and reconstructive work and the way the patient can completely zone out watching TV or a movie on the overhead TLC monitor system works much better to relax and distract the patient than what we had before.  When patients are more relaxed it makes your day a lot easier, especially for kid dentistry.

Everyone knows there have been all kinds of studies about how people watching television go into a semi-hypnotic state.  The second we give the child the remote and they find their program on Nickelodeon, they just zone out and lie perfectly still throughout the procedure.  When we sit them up at the end of the appointment, their eyes are still focused on the monitor and we sometimes have to turn off the TV to get them to leave.  The work goes so much faster.  It’s like magic.  Instead of staring at the ceiling tiles and fidgeting for an hour, kids and anxious adults lie totally still and distracted which allows us to complete the work much faster and in a more relaxed manner.  For us, the TLC has been an unexpectedly great alternative to sedation dentistry.

Saves Time Not Having to Constantly Interrupt Our Workflow
The TLC Technology Lighting Center absolutely sets us apart from other dentists.  The fact that we continually introduce cutting edge technology that patients or their friends have never experienced before is very valuable to our practice.  Patients are so impressed when we can seamlessly switch from their DVD to show them a digital X-ray.  It also saves us so much time not having to disturb or re-position them to show them the image.

With the TLC, We Use More of Our Technology More Often
We do a lot of digital photography in conjunction with our cosmetic cases.  As we are finishing up, instead of having to sit the patient up to view a monitor situated behind them, with the TLC we can easily flip a switch to show the patient a full screen, full face, or full smile before and after picture directly on the overhead monitor screen (and then flip the switch right back to the TV program or movie they are watching).  Patients think this is very cool, indeed.  In this regard, because everything is integrated into one system, we can actually use more of our technology, more of the time.  With the TLC, it’s just so easy.

The TLC Positions You as the Leading Edge High Tech Dentist in Your Market
If I were to offer advice to a dentist considering a TLC dental equipment purchase, I would say that on one level I think it’s important to invest in new technology every few years, and of course you always need a good lighting source.  If you’ve never before used a TLC, you have no idea what you’re missing in terms of having an over-the-patient monitor system that distracts patients, allows you to seamlessly use all of your technology, and provides an amazing cold, glare-free fiber optic light, all integrated into one ergonomically elegant system.  It helps your work flow, delights your patients, creates a steady stream of new referrals, and positions you as the leading edge high tech dentist in your market.

Dentists Are Always Impressed by the TLC
I have invited several dentists to come by to see the TLC system in operation and they are universally impressed.  I have them sit down as if they were the patient, and then try it out to see how easy and convenient it is to switch between technologies while distracting the patient with entertainment software.  To a person, they seem to get it immediately and fully appreciate how much value it delivers as a fully integrated technology and lighting system.

We all know it’s hard to make a decision to spend the money on new dental equipment.  The TLC is a great concept.  You know there’s value in a technology that can distract the patient and boost your image within your community.  The Seltzer Institute is an excellent supplier.  They are always available to answer questions and help you in any way they can.  It’s a one time-expense.  I would say, just make the decision, pull the trigger, and you will never regret it.

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