TLC User Product Review
Elizabeth Reiter, D.D.S.

There is no alternative at any price that does everything the TLC does, all in one system.

I Work 10% - 20% More Efficiently Because Patients Don’t Fidget
I bought three TLC Technology Centers a little over a year ago when I opened my scratch practice.  For me the greatest benefit has been patient compliance.  Watching a movie or cable TV on the overhead TLC monitor completely relaxes my patients.  They don’t fidget at all which allows me to work at least 10% -20% more efficiently.  I haven’t had even one patient all year ask me, “Are you almost done?” They are so entertained that time doesn’t seem to be an issue at all.  My new hygienist who had never worked with a TLC before told me she’s never seen such happy patients.

We have a lot of older patients and what we have noticed, which is just kind of funny, is they like to watch certain soap operas or talk shows during the day while they are at home.  As soon as they sit down in the chair, they immediately grab the TLC remote control and go right to the program they just left at their house.  Once they get to know the system and know what they can do with it, they are much less apprehensive about coming back in.

Integrates All Technology in One System
Another excellent benefit of the TLC is the way it integrates all of my technology in one system.  We constantly toggle back and forth to show the patient different screens without ever having to re-position the monitor or the patient.  For new patients, I do a tour of the mouth with an intraoral camera, we take digital X-rays which we can show them on the spot, and I use CAESY to show patient education movies.  The ease with which we can really use all of the technology and show patients what’s going on has also raised treatment acceptance rates.  This is especially true with gum problems because I can use the intraoral camera to show them the tartar buildup on their actual teeth, and they just ‘get it.’ We show them the back of the lower teeth and they just go, “Wow, what is all that?”

Greatly Increased Treatment Acceptance
I have also sold a lot more deep cleanings since I bought the TLC.  We chart into Dentrix on the overhead monitor and as the patients see the numbers going up in different colors on each of their teeth, they usually ask what it means.  So I seamlessly switch the monitor to show them their X-ray’s and point out where they are experiencing bone loss.  Then, with the flick of a switch, I can switch to the CAESY patient education software and show them a video about bone loss and gum disease.  Then, when I explain the deep cleaning treatment plan, most patients readily agree to it, far more easily and often than in my previous practice when I didn’t have the TLC to integrate my technology so seamlessly into my work flow.  In this regard, just having the TLC helps patients understand their problems and accept treatment which has also helped increase my revenue.  Thanks in large part to the TLC, I have seen steady growth every single month since I opened.  I have never been so pleased with a new piece of dental equipment.

We feature the TLC prominently in all of our marketing efforts.  We used to just explain the TLC’s technology and entertainment benefits in our ads, but once we started using an actual picture of a patient watching a movie during their appointment the response has been terrific.  It fits inn with our concept of spa dentistry.

Absolutely Worth the Price
The TLC seemed expensive when I first bought it, but I now believe it was totally worth the price.  I had originally ordered track lights and an arm-mounted monitor, but I was not happy with that system.  I kept looking and looking for something better and I was so thrilled when I saw how the TLC could integrate all of the other technology I was purchasing.  It is so clean looking and it gives the office an open, modern uncluttered look.  I think it looks beautiful and it creates such a “Wow’ factor for the patients.  We have also received excellent service from the Seltzer Institute.  They have always been very nice and extremely helpful over the phone, though we haven’t really had any problems to speak of.  The TLC has been incredibly reliable.

The TLC Makes a High Tech Statement about the Practice
The TLC communicates that we are very up-to-date with technology.  I had a new patient the other day who had been going to another dentist for twenty years but wanted to try a new dentist so he wouldn’t have to drive so far.  From the minute he walked into the office he couldn’t stop exclaiming, “Wow, my other dentist doesn’t have anything like this!”  All of our patients are so impressed by both the technology and the fact that they can choose from a list of DVD’s and watch something different during each visit.  Then they go home and talk about their amazing dental experience to their family and friends.  We receive compliments on the TLC many times a day.  It has helped create a reputation for my new practice that I am so up-to-date and accommodating to my patients.

Distracts and Relaxes Anxious Patients
The TLC works wonders on anxious patients and because they are so distracted watching movies and TV, I find I can use far less sedation than in the past.  I have had several new patients tell me ahead of time that they were fearful, but in fact, watching the TLC, they remained perfectly calm, relaxed and co-operative throughout the procedure.  Invariably they will say that watching a movie on the TLC took their mind completely off the dentistry.  The TLC is an ideal alternative to sedation dentistry.
Nothing Compares to the TLC in Performance, Functionality, and Ergonomics
If a dentist were to ask me why they should buy a TLC Technology Lighting Center, I would just say, “Go and get one today!”  I would say that there is no alternative, at any price, that does everything the TLC does, all in one system:  It integrates all of your technology, it solves the monitor placement challenge, it gives the office a clean, uncluttered look, and it incorporates very bright, cold, glare-free fiber optic lighting with easy switching to orange ‘no-cure mode’ for bonding. 

For me, there is simply no alternative piece of dental equipment that allows you so much flexibility in positioning the monitor.  It rolls on a ceiling mounted track so you can push it back and away when the patient is sitting up or you can tilt it to be directly over their heads when they are lying down.  Any other dental product solution I’ve seen is either chair mounted or fixed on the ceiling which means the patient has to crane their head or sit up to see the monitor.  I have visited countless new dental offices and I have never seen any other piece of dental equipment that compares to the performance, functionality and ergonomics of the TLC.  The monitor and lighting are so perfectly positioned for the patients’ comfort and for me.  In my mind, the TLC is leagues better than anything else available on the market today.

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