TLC User Product Review
Arlena Roshel, D.D.S.

We jokingly refer to the TLC as 'kiddie valium' because kids lie so still it's as if they're drugged.

We Get Much Better Cooperation From Everyone
We bought seven TLC Technology Lighting Centers in November 2004, four for me and three for my nephew who shares the office.  For us, one of the greatest benefits has been that time goes by very quickly for patients when they can watch cable TV on the overhead TLC monitor system.  If we get busy in another room and the patient has to wait in the chair for twenty minutes, they’re so engrossed watching their show that they don’t seem to mind the wait at all.  In the same way, as an innovative dental product, the TLC is a great benefit for both children and nervous adult patients.  We put the remote in their hands, let them put on whatever they want, and it keeps their minds completely off what we are doing.  Patients of all ages are much more co-operative.  The TLC is an ideal alternative to sedation dentistry.

Total Technology Integration Without Re-positioning the Patient
Another thing we really like about the TLC is how easily we can use all of our technology without disturbing our work flow or repositioning the patient.  So often, we want to show the patient an X-ray, and we used to have to stop and sit them up to show them a picture on the corner monitor.  Now, we just flip a switch and the image is right in front of them.  An amazing piece of dental equipment, the TLC saves a lot of time, makes the patient more comfortable, and allows us to deliver a higher quality dental experience. 

Our Productivity has Increased by 20 – 25%
Ever since we installed the TLC’s, treatment goes much faster and we are working 20% - 25% more effectively, especially with children and anxious adults.  We now schedule much less time for each procedure than we did in the past, especially for patients who we know do well with the distraction of watching cable TV on the TLC monitor and for most of our pediatric dentistry.  Kids are more co-operative and we can work much more productively. 

Children Lie Motionless While We Work
For example, we had seen this one child several times.  He had a mouth full of cavities when he first came in.  He’s not a bad kid (he didn’t scream and cry), but he was always looking around and asking how much longer everything would take.  When kids wriggle around like that, everything just takes a lot longer, so we would always schedule an extra half hour for him compared to what we would normally schedule. 
Just after we installed the TLC’s, we had him back for a treatment with a chrome crown.  We put him in the chair like we always did and then gave him the remote control.  He immediately flipped to a cartoon show that he liked and then he just sat there, perfectly still for the duration of the appointment.  We had scheduled an hour and a half and we were done in 45 minutes!  As soon as he started watching his cartoon, he never once asked how much longer we would be.  He was just perfect.  When we finished and reached to take the remote back from him, he protested, “Oh no, I don’t want to leave.  This is fun.”  I couldn’t believe my ears.  For this reason, as a kid dentist we jokingly refer to the TLC as ‘kiddie valium’ because kids lie so still it’s as if they’re drugged. 

Patients Are Impressed with Our Practice
From the very first day we installed the TLC’s, patients have been universally impressed.  We have tons of technology in our office (radiology, three water lasers, etc.) so people have always noticed our technology, but we have never had so many people comment on a new piece of dental equipment as we’ve had with the TLC.  I pride myself that I can do fillings and even root canals without any anesthetic but this does not impress patients half as much as the fact that they can watch Oprah during their procedure.  It reinvents the concept of sedation dentistry.

Better Patient Relationships
We have also noticed a significant shift in our office environment which is more relaxed since installing the TLC’s.  Patients are happier and not complaining at all which makes for a happier staff.  It’s a trickledown effect.  For instance, yesterday I was sitting back in my office.  I had just finished a crown cap on a young girl.  I was checking email and returning phone calls when I heard this raucous noise coming from one of the hygiene rooms.  I got up to see what all the commotion was about only to find the patient laughing hysterically at something on the TV.  This is not something you normally hear in a dental office. 

In this regard, our staff often comments that they are developing better relationships with our patients using the TLC as a talking point (we don’t offer DVD’s, just 70 channels of cable TV which seems to make the patients very happy).  For example, if I enter a room and a patient is watching a Cub’s game, well, I’m a huge Cubs fan.  I’ve discovered something about that patient I never knew before, so now we have something to talk about whenever he comes in.  We learn about our patients’ likes and dislikes by what they choose to watch whether it’s the news, ESPN or a cooking show, and we have more to talk to them about.

Patients Appreciate Our Investment in the TLC
Several months after purchasing our TLC’s we began to notice that many patients were scheduling appointments and cleanings based on their TV schedule or at a certain time of day when their soap opera was on.  I have one woman who only wants to come in at 4:00PM for Oprah.  She loves Oprah and she works so she never gets to see it except at our dental office. I am always amused by this and grateful that our patients are so appreciative of our investment in the TLC.  Patients are also impressed by the TLC’s high tech ergonomic look, and of course, because they can’t believe they can watch whatever they want during their visit.  The TLC is a very popular piece of dental equipment in our office.

Referrals Increased 20%
We have also seen a definite increase in referrals directly related to the TLC.  We always ask every new patient who referred them and they often respond, “Billy Smith referred me because he said he could watch TV.”  Mothers have commented that they heard the neighbors’ kids bragging that they watched ‘Blues Clues’ at the dentist office and wondered who this kid dentist is that seems so popular.  She starts thinking, “Well, you know this kid seems pretty happy that he was at the dentist.  I ought to get my child over there.”  I would say referrals have increased by at least 20% since we installed the TLC Technology Lighting Centers, especially for pediatric dentistry appointments.

A Perfect Solution to Monitor Placement
As we were planning our remodel, I spent hours with our technology consultant researching operatory monitor systems, pouring over websites and paging through magazines.  I talked to dentists who placed monitors at the foot of the chair or built them into the ceiling, but every piece of dental equipment I saw lacked flexibility and looked cluttered which was not what I wanted.  I told our consultant we needed some sort of a track system that would let you slide the monitor from the toe to the head of the chair.  We found lots of monitors, but we looked and looked and couldn’t find a bracket that could pull the whole system together. This went on over a period of three or four months.

Best Technology Investment We Ever Made
Then one day as I was opening my mail, I got a brochure from Seltzer Institute.  I get a lot of junk mail and I usually just throw it all in the trash without even looking at it.  But for some reason that day (and I had never heard of Seltzer Institute), I opened that flyer and felt, ‘Eureka!’  This is exactly what I had been searching for and someone had the intuition and foresight to design the exact system I had been dreaming of.  This is the exact dental product I had been searching for.

At first I was daunted by the price, but I knew from my extensive research there was nothing else I’d seen that came close to integrating so much technology and a cold fiber optic light in one over-the patient monitor system. 

A year later, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the TLC Technology Lighting Center is worth every penny we paid.  We have paid for our investment many times over, in so many ways.  I can honestly say I would not want to practice dentistry without it.  It is the best piece of dental equipment we own.

Versatile and Easy-to-Use
Just as we had hoped, we are now able to use all of our technology more often because we can switch back and forth so easily.  Just a click of a button and we can show the patient an X-ray, discuss it for a moment, and then switch right back to their cable TV program without sitting them up or disturbing my work flow.  It’s also easier to show CASEY patient education which is just fabulous.  While we are finishing up, we click on the post-op instructions or whatever we want them to see, and by the time we’re done they are all set and ready to go.  All we have to say is, “Do you have any questions?  Do you understand everything?”  That’s it.  We’re now spoiled to the degree that I simply would not want to practice without a TLC in every operatory.

Every Dentist Should Own a TLC
I would tell any dentist considering a TLC Technology Lighting Center, “Just do it!  The sooner you buy one, the happier you will be.”  Seltzer Institute has been great to work with.  They have bent over backwards to accommodate us every step of the way.  I just can’t say enough about how glad we are we spent the money to buy this amazing piece of dental equipment, and how much we love working everyday with the TLC Technology Lighting Center. 

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