TLC User Product Review
Stephen Rottjakob, D.D.S.

Everything about our experience with the TLC has been positive.  My patients are positive about it and my staff loves it.

We bought seven TLC Technology Centers a little less than a year ago, one for every operatory, and we have been exceedingly happy with their performance.  One of the things I like best about using the TLC is the confined light source which I can position to shine just right on the patient’s mouth without creating any glare in their eyes.  I also really like having all of my technology integrated into one monitor system as I did not really want to get involved with multiple monitors.  I wanted the patient to be able to see the monitor wherever I wanted it positioned, and I also wanted the ability to position the monitor where I could see it but the patient couldn’t see it.  The TLC allows me to do both, so that has been spectacular.

Our High Tech Patients Love the TLC
Another thing I love about the TLC is how it just blows the patients away.  I am in San Jose which is one of the most high tech areas in the country.  Many of our patients work on the forefront of software development and new computer technology so the TLC brings their world into the dental office.  All of a sudden it’s like I’m in their world now.  I have actually come into the modern world.  It’s hard to describe but their faces light right up when they see the TLC and they get all excited about it.  The experience of watching a movie during their visit also creates a refreshing change from previous dental experiences.  When they walk out the door they want to tell friends and fellow techies which generates a constant flow of referrals to our practice.  

Dramatically Increased Efficiency and Better Ergonomics
Using the TLC has made me noticeably more efficient.  Most notably, I don’t seem to be bending and contorting my body as much.  With the TLC, once I focus the light on the patient’s mouth, I don’t have to keep moving around to re-position the patient or the light so I can actually sustain a more correct posture.  Patients will often unconsciously tuck their chins to their chest which makes it harder to work.  Now, with the TLC positioned above them, patients absorbed in watching movies naturally tilt their chins up which allows much easier access to their mouths. 

20% Increase in Revenues in Our First Year Using the TLC
We are up about 20% over last year which is a significant increase given that the economic climate here is not great.  This is my first up year in four years, and the TLC is a big part of that, which is a very positive sign.  We are working more efficiently so we can schedule more appointments, we are seeing more new patients based on referrals, but mostly, treatment acceptance has improved as we are able to use the TLC to show patients what’s going on inside their mouths.  Humans tend to be visual and with the TLC they can see everything right up close.  It’s so easy now to use the technology to show digital X-rays on the overhead monitor and run photographs through the screen.  If patients can see it, they seem to get it -  and agree to treatment much more readily than in the past.

The TLC Creates a Clean, Modern Clutter-Free Operatory
Before buying the TLC, I often considered using some kind of monitor in the operatory but I never liked how they looked mounted in a corner or on the ceiling so I never went in that direction.  I just never liked the look.  My preference has always been for an absolutely clean look which is why I am so happy with the TLC as dental product that looks as good as it works.

Our Staff Loves Working with the TLC
Our staff is very excited about having a TLC in every operatory.  Every patient who comes in asks about it and our staff loves explaining how it works and what it does for them.  These are always very positive conversations and I think the patients like to hear that we are investing in new technology and trying to create a better, more comfortable dental experience for them.

Absolutely Worth the Price
Everything that we purchase in the dental world is not cheap.  There is not one piece of dental equipment that is cheap.  Before I buy any new dental product I generally calculate how long I’ll get to use it.  I plan to use the seven TLC’s I bought for 15 years.   The cost, spread out over 15 years, is minimal and absolutely worth the price.  Yes, there were cheaper alternatives by buying separate monitors and lights, but I was going for the modern and sleek look, and the ingenuity of the design which integrates all of our technology in one system and allows us to switch easily from one input to another without re-positioning the patient or interrupting our work flow.  Bottom line, each dentist must decide for himself if he wants to practice cheap dentistry or non-cheap dentistry.  I guess if you are of the very cheap mindset, the TLC would not be for you.

Impeccable Service
The service we have received from Seltzer Institute has been spectacular.  When you buy seven of anything you can expect some glitches in the first week.  Seltzer Institute was right on top of everything and our installation went very smoothly.  In fact, everything about our experience with the TLC has been positive.  My patients are positive about it and my staff loves it.  I think anytime you can get a patient to be happy or excited they are more inclined to do things that they might not do treatment wise, and so it has all worked out very well for us.

Increased Revenue from Cosmetic Dentistry
When we do cosmetic dentistry we have the ability to take digital photographs of our patients’ faces using imaging techniques to approximate the ‘after’ effect.  Now they can see the ‘before’ and ‘after’ right up on the TLC monitor before we ever even begin, and we can make a print and send them home with it while they decide.  This gives them the option to actually see themselves ‘done’ and make a realistic decision about the treatment.  In this regard, the TLC has hugely increased our income from these kinds of big cosmetic cases.

Only Positives about the TLC
Overall, I simply can’t say anything negative about the TLC.  It has been a shockingly positive experience for us.  Like I said, we live in kind of a techie world down here in San Jose, so for these people to get so excited about something in a dental office is really amazing.  It’s hard to get them excited because they are seeing all the new things every day.  When you excite the people who are inventing the technology, it’s always a good thing.

I am just happy that I have seven TLC Technology Lighting Centers.  If I didn’t have seven, I would sometimes have to work in a room where I didn’t have one, and I don’t think I could handle that anymore.  A TLC in every room makes every
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