TLC User Product Review
Marc Worob, D.D.S.

The TLC solves the monitor placement problem better than anything else I've seen.

I think I was the second person in the United States to purchase a TLC Technology Lighting Center.  I was building a new office at the same time Seltzer Institute was developing the product.  At first, I bought just one system, but then I liked it so much, I didn’t like working in rooms without a TLC.  Since that time I have bought three more so we now have a TLC in every operatory.

More Patient Referrals
From the very beginning, patients responded very enthusiastically to the ‘Wow’ factor of the TLC dental product.  It created a very positive buzz when we finished our re-model and long time patients experienced the TLC for the first time.  It creates an experience that patients talk about which in turn leads to more referrals.  Watching movies on the overhead TLC monitor helps patients relax and feel comfortable.  For kid dentistry it’s fantastic.  We find we can use much less anesthetic because patients are so distracted by the movie.  It has also created a much more relaxing office environment for both our patients and our staff.  As such, it’s an excellent alternative to sedation dentistry.

High Quality Operatory Lights
For me, one of the greatest benefits of the TLC is the light itself.  I love the quality of the light which creates such a nice bright field.  I can see so much better in the mouth than I could before and it is so easy and wonderful to just flip a switch to change to an orange ‘no-cure’ mode for bonding.  I also like the fact that there is no glare in the patients’ eyes.  I feel absolutely no need to use a headlight because the fiber optic lighting from the TLC is so great.  I also find that I no longer need to be constantly r-eadjusting the light to see better.  I definitely save time and work more efficiently without stopping every few minutes to move the light.  Sometimes, if I am adjusting a crown, I will twist one of the lights to shine outside the mouth on what I am working on so I can have light on the crown and still seamlessly go back to the patient’s mouth and still have plenty of light to work.

Increases Technology Utilization Because it’s so Simple to Use
Before installing the TLC I didn’t really use much technology.  It was simply too cumbersome.  Because the TLC integrates all of the my technology in one system, I now use a camera and regularly put pictures up on the screen so the patient can see what’s going on in their mouth.  We also show patient education films because it’s so easy to switch from one input to another without disrupting the patient.  Before, it was really quite a hassle.  We had to take the picture and then wait for the printer.  Now with the TLC, switching from the patient’s movie to a digital picture or X-ray is instantaneous. 

Great Supplier and Prompt Service
The Seltzer Institute has been a great supplier.  If you ever need anything, you get a callback right away.  If you need a bulb, they overnight it.  They are constantly working to upgrade the TLC to make it better and better and they have always worked with me to incorporate upgrades at a very reasonable cost.  I feel comfortable that my TLC Technology Lighting Centers are always up -to-date and state-of-the-art and that I am keeping pace with the newest technologies.  There is no question in my mind that the TLC is worth the price.  It could be more and it would still be worth it.

The TLC Enhances Your Practice
If I were advising a dentist who wanted to upgrade their practice to be state-of-the-art, I would absolutely recommend buying a TLC.  It makes your patients comfortable and relaxed and it makes it easier for you to work in their mouths and educate them as you work.  It integrates all of your technology in one system that is ergonomically very sleek and high tech looking.  The operatory has a clean, uncluttered feeling.  You almost don’t notice it when you walk in the room, and the cold fiber optic lighting is a pleasure to work with.  It is an excellent piece of dental equipment.

Solves the Monitor Placement Problem Better than Anything Else I’ve Seen
Now, three years later, I can’t imagine practicing without the TLC because it does so many things.  I visit other dentists’ offices that have the monitor or TV up in the corner of the operatory or at the end of the chair.  Well, these monitor positions make it very hard for the dentist and assistant to stay out of the patient's so they can view the screen.  With the TLC mounted on the ceiling on a rolling track the patients view is never interrupted.  We can change the angle of the screen without sitting up or re-positioning the patient.  This is a huge improvement over any other monitor system on the market today. 

TLC is a Great Product with a Great Company Behind It
I have had many dentists visit my practice to see the TLC in action and they are always amazed at what it can do.  Many of them seem afraid to take the leap to buy one.  I think that if you really want to use the new technologies and be the best you can be, you just have to do it.  If you really care about your patients’ comfort, this is something you really have to have.  It does so much to relax patients and it makes coming to the dentist a much more enjoyable experience.  Bottom line, I think the TLC is a great dental product with a great company behind it.  I think everybody should get one.

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