Pediatric Ortho

The best marketing investment for ortho is no longer the video game in the reception area.  It is high definition (HDMI) entertainment on the ideally positioned TLC screen. 

In the TLC ZONE, patients can view stunning high definition movies or TV shows.  For longer appointments, they can play Xbox, Nintendo, or Playstation games.  They are so excited about their TLC ZONE experiences that they tell all their friends that your office is the place to get braces.

Contrary to conventional thinking, the TLC ZONE does affect efficiency for short appointments.  Procedures take the same amount of time but patients are happier and more impressed.

When needed, the TLC turns every chair into a consult room where you can comfortably discuss treatment needs, informed consent, and oral hygiene issues with the patient and/or parent.  The TLC’s zero footprint design allows everyone to view X-rays and other information on the TLC screen without the distraction from bulky poles, arms, and lights.

TheTLC's sleek, all-in-one design allows you to work more efficiently.  It's easier to move around, and it gives the ortho bay an open, modern, high tech, expansive appearance that wows both patients and parents.

The TLC's focused operating light reduces fatigue and provides essential illumination for presbyopic practitioners.  It may also delay the onset of vision-related problems because your eyes don’t work as hard during treatment.

Sticky brackets are history because the amber “no-cure” mode keeps cement from setting prematurely and won’t cure photoactivated materials.

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